Windows Vista Beta 2 Torrented

Microsoft has released Beta 2 of Windows Vista, and everyone is jumping at the bit to get their hands on it, so much so that people have been having problems downloading it, and Microsoft has said that it would be better at this point to order the DVD than download the over three gigabyte file needed to create a DVD of your own to install the Beta.

There is a way to get your copy now though, and that is through BitTorrent, a file sharing system that allows you to download pieces of the file from many sources, pooling bandwidth and allowing you a faster download speed than Microsoft can currently give.

Why doesn’t Microsoft start their own Torrent for the Beta? Well, because they still see the technology as a bad thing probably, as one of the bigger uses of BitTorrent is the illegal sharing of copyrighted material, like movies and music.

Now, so far there are many others who have started spreading the file via BitTorrent to get the Vista Beta out there as fast as possible, but you don’t know if those have been modified in any way before sending them out. Chris Pirillo and others have joined together to start their own Torrent of the Beta, which you can trust over at www.vistatorrent.com

The only official tracker for this torrent is found here at VistaTorrent.com. We’re providing an MD5 hash to verify the file after download to make sure you’re getting the real thing. If the torrent URL is anything other than the one from Vistatorrent.com, don’t download or install the file! We’re staking our reputations on providing a clean ISO torrent here. There is no registration required to download this torrent.

This is not a crack, this is not a hack, this is not software piracy – it’s unofficial mirroring with official validation. You can get a Windows Vista Beta 2 product key for free through Microsoft, as the OS won’t install without one.

Follow their steps, and you will be on your way to getting your own copy of the new Windows Vista Beta 2.

Short URL: http://gadget.ca/2qb

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