Microsoft to Launch Pay-as-you-go PC

flexgocard.jpgSoon to be in India and China is a program from Microsoft, Lenovo, AMD and Intel which would allow you to put fifty percent of the value of the computer as a downpayment and make payments on the remaining balance through a pay-as-you-go model, where you buy time on your own computer, much as you do a cell phone, until the remaining balance is used up.

Say you are having a bad month, you just stop using your computer, and thus purchase no time, a few months later, you get a job and make some reasonable money, you get some time cards, and use your computer again, until your time cards run out.

The model is enabled by a new piece of technology created by Microsoft called FlexGo. After a predetermined number of usage hours, the computer will be paid off, and the owner will no longer need to purchase the prepaid cards.

“Lenovo’s joint effort with Microsoft using FlexGo pay-as-you-go computing will bring high-quality PCs within the reach of millions of families for use in education, communications and entertainment”, said Will Poole, senior vice president of the Market Expansion Group at Microsoft.

“This program creates new options for people whose access to personal computing would be limited otherwise”, said Philippe Davy, vice president of Strategic Alliances, Lenovo.

If it works well in India and China, you can expect to see it tried in Brazil, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, Slovenia, and Vietnam.

Microsoft launch pay-as-you-go PCs [Pocket-lint]

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