Dell Launches 10-Inch Inspiron Duo With Swivel Lid – Hybrid Laptop-Tablet PC

dell flip laptop

You like the idea of an iPad but you also love your laptop and don’t want or can’t afford both. Dell has just unveiled something so you can have your cake and eat it too. Or more apt, you can have your laptop and tablet too.

Dell’s new Inspiron Duo 10-inch laptop is really a ‘fliptop’. The Intel Atom-powered laptop’s screen flips inside its bezel frame, and when flipped it performs as you expect as a touch-screen keyboardless tablet.

While it does come off as a little gimmicky, it’s actually a pretty innovative concept. There is little doubt that the laptop and tablet are primed to converge. Is this the killer device and design that will usher in yet a new category of hybrid computing device? I doubt it. But it’s a good first attempt and a sign of things to come.

You just know that Apple is dying to go in this direction with their popular Macbook line. Touchscreen means apps, and apps mean revenue. Kudos to Dell for firing the first bonafide shot across the tablet/laptop hybrid bow.

More Dell 10-Inch Inspiron Duo photos can be viewed here.

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